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The House of Kerri loves vintage fur, and if you love vintage fur like I do, then "Please Wear Vintage Fur!".  Every time vintage fur is purchased and worn, that leaves one New fur hanging on the store racks, thus lowering the amount of furs manufactured, and as a result, less new animals will be destroyed in the name of fashion.  The House of Kerri is fully aware of the opinions shared by many people, that wearing vintage fur is still "supporting the industry".  There is a huge debate on whether wearing vintage fur is just as bad.  The House of Kerri understands and respects that opinion. We also understands that there is a substantial number of "Fur Wearers" out there and The House of Kerri is trying to encourage them to buy vintage to help reduce the growing number of animals destroyed.
There are plenty of pre~worn & pre~loved furs, just waiting for a new home.  You'll be making a more ethical & humane choice.  The House of Kerri is determined to help save today's animals and sell vintage fur.  The House of Kerri would like your help in spreading the word about wearing vintage furs.  The House of Kerri has a large collection of vintage furs that we keep in stock year round to help our cause.  Not only does buying vintage fur help save today's animals, but it will also save you big bucks!!!
Please donate your orphaned vintage fur to The House of Kerri to keep the recycling process going.


Thank you so much.  When I got home.  I put on the embellished beaver cape that you made, and it fits absolutely perfect.  It is stunning!  My daughter came over later that evening and I let her try it on.  She could barely keep her hands off of it.  I can't help but run my hands over the cape and admire your bead work each time I look at it.  Your work is just~well, awesome.    Jo Ovalle.  Lakewood, Wa. 

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Kerri, Your embellished vintage fur pieces are very creative.  You have done a great job with giving these vintage furs a "New Life".  The House of Kerri web-site and vintage furs reflect the great care you took to produce a high quality product that will last a life time and beyond. You go girl!.  I pray you have great success.
Pauline Esponize ~ Gig Harbor, Wa.

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